04 Jul3 Cosmetic Effects of Dental Erosion

The tooth enamel is among the hardest substances of the body. However, it is still susceptible to damage and breakage. Over time, the tooth enamel will become worn out due to poor habits and dietary acids like juices, coffee, and sodas. As a result, dental erosion can make your teeth all the more susceptible to decay. It can also lead to changes in the mouth’s appearance and make you feel wary of your smiles. That is why many turn to the use of cosmetic for eroded teeth.

Here are 3 cosmetic effects of dental erosions.

Round-Shaped Teeth

One possible sign of a tooth enamel erosion is the change in the tooth’s shape. You might notice that your teeth look worn down and shorter, while the edges appear to be rounded. The change in shape is caused by the enamel loss.

Discolored Teeth

Having yellow, discolored teeth are signs that your enamel is slowly eroding from within. The enamel may be white but the tissue underneath may be a pale brown. As a result, you will have discolored teeth. If the enamel is thinned down due to erosion, the color of the dentin will quickly show throw and give your teeth a bright yellow appearance.

Translucent Teeth

Teeth should normally be opaque. However, if you are experiencing enamel erosion, you might notice a change in the edges of the front teeth. The translucent enamel will become worn down to due acidity. This means that more light will be able to pass through the enamel.

To prevent future erosion, ask your dentist if they can recommend any changes needed to your lifestyle habits. Be sure to always wash down acidic snacks such as juice or fruits with water. Depending on the cause of the dental erosion, you may have to undergo further treatment and detect if there are any underlying issues.